Brian Carstensen

Chicago, IL

I’m a web developer with a background in design interested in joining a small, fast team to build something that hasn’t been built before. Preferably something mission-driven or working on some kind of experimental tech. I’m good at breaking big messy problems down into small focused ones, and then doing them. I care a lot about accessibility for end users and maintainability for fellow developers.

I’m happiest working with JavaScript (including Node.js, React, Vue, Backbone, jQuery, Babel, Webpack, and CoffeeScript), CSS (including responsive design techniques, BEM organization, and pre- and post-processors like SASS, LESS, and PostCSS), SVG and the <canvas> API, and of course good ol’ HTML (with a good understanding of WAI-ARIA).



San Francisco, CA (remote)

Crowdpac’s goal is to increase and diversify political engagement by crowdfunding candidates who are new to the world of politics. I work with the Laravel framework for PHP on the back end and use Vue to handle the client-side interactive components.

Zooniverse (University of Oxford)

Oxford, UK

Zooniverse (Adler Planetarium)

Chicago, IL

With the Zooniverse, I built web apps to crowdsource the analysis of scientific data from volunteers. These projects ranged from taking an inventory of marine life off the east coast of the U.S. to mapping predator migration in the Serengeti and from finding anomalies in data from the Large Hadron Collider to charting the structure of the Milky Way galaxy.

I was responsible for about a dozen of the custom projects listed at The source for these is available at In addition to web front ends,

Later, I abstracted out the core interactions from those projects to build the front-end architecture of, a platform for scientists to build their own projects (without help from a developer). It’s built with React and makes extensive use of SVG for rich image annotation. It talks to a Ruby on Rails back end over a JSON API.

I also built tools to help with development and data processing in Node and Ruby.


Chicago, IL

At Vodori I was part of the team that developed Pepper, an enterprise content management system used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. I worked with a lot of JSP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (especially the Dojo Toolkit and TinyMCE rich text editor), developing new features while maintaining support for browsers as old as IE 6.

I started there as a designer and transitioned into their first dedicated front-end developer. I also worked on a bit of mobile web app development, both browser-based and published in the App Store (via PhoneGap).

Wagner/Donovan Design

Chicago, IL

As a designer at Wagner/Donovan, I handled design and production of various marketing materials, identities and branding, packaging, books, and sometimes even children's toys for a wide range of clients. Additionally, I implemented our website designs with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.


Columbia College

Chicago, IL

Graduated with a BFA in graphic design.