Brian Carstensen

Chicago, IL

I’m a web developer with a background in design. I’m most experienced working with JavaScript (including React, Vue, Backbone, jQuery, Babel, Webpack, CoffeeScript, and Node.js), CSS (including responsive design techniques, BEM organization, and pre- and post-processors like SASS, LESS, and PostCSS), SVG and the canvas API, and of course good ol’ HTML.



San Francisco, CA (remote)

Crowdpac is a progressive crowdfunding platform. In addition to maintaining a large legacy jQuery codebase, I've spearheaded a major front-end code reorganization introducing the Vue.js framework and Webpack build system, allowing the team to write much more maintainable code while delivering more efficient code to users. I also work across the stack with the Laravel framework for PHP on the back end.

Zooniverse (University of Oxford)

Oxford, UK

Zooniverse (Adler Planetarium)

Chicago, IL

Zooniverse connects researchers with volunteer citizen scientists to analyze mountains of data. In Chicago, I worked directly with science teams to help design and build about a dozen bespoke web interfaces (mainly using CoffeeScript, jQuery and Backbone) for a variety of image classification tasks that range from taking an inventory of marine life in the North Atlantic to tracking predator migration patterns in the Serengeti to finding anomalies in output from the Large Hadron Collider to mapping the structure of the Milky Way.

In Oxford, I distilled down the most common interactions from our projects to build the front-end architecture of the new, a platform for scientists to manage their own data classification workflows without needing a dedicated developer. It’s built with React and makes extensive use of SVG to allow complex image annotation. The back end is a JSON API built with Ruby on Rails.

I also built tools for development and data processing in Node and Ruby.


Chicago, IL

Vodori developed an enterprise content management system called Pepper, used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. I started out in a UX design role and transitioned into their first dedicated front-end developer. In this enterprise Java app, I worked heavily with JSP templates, the Dojo Toolkit, and the TinyMCE rich text editor.

Wagner/Donovan Design

Chicago, IL

As a designer at Wagner/Donovan, I handled design and production of various marketing materials, identities and branding, packaging, books, and sometimes even children's toys for a wide range of clients. Additionally, I implemented our website designs with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.


Columbia College

Chicago, IL

BFA in graphic design