Brian Carstensen

Chicago, IL

I'm a web developer with a background in design. I'm good at breaking big hairy problems down into small easy problems. I make a lot of to-do lists. I care a lot about maintainability for developers and accessibility for users. I'm looking for a position building stuff on the web! Preferably something mission-driven, but I'm generally open to anything interesting.

I'm happiest working with JavaScript (including Node.js, a variety of libraries including React, Redux, Backbone, and jQuery, and transpilers like Babel and CoffeeScript), CSS (including responsive design techniques, BEM organization, and preprocessors like SASS, LESS, and Stylus), HTML (with an understanding of WAI-ARIA), SVG, and version control with Git and SVN.

I'd be pretty keen to get more experience working on the server side of things, especially using Python, Ruby, PHP, and relational databases (especially PostgreSQL).



San Francisco, CA (remote)

Crowdpac does crowdfunding for political campaigns, typically for folks running for local office. The app is built on the Laravel MVC framework for PHP, using the Blade templating language for views and Bootstrap for CSS, with jQuery for some interactive content.

Zooniverse (University of Oxford)

Oxford, UK

Zooniverse (Adler Planetarium)

Chicago, IL

Zooniverse produces online citizen science projects that help scientists analyze massive amounts of data by dividing and distributing the task to non-professionals. I designed the front-end application architecture for our team and built the interfaces between the scientists, their data, and our 1,000,000+ volunteers. is a single-page app built with React which makes extensive use of SVG for rich image annotation. It talks to a Ruby on Rails back end over a JSON API, which I helped design.

I was also responsible for about a dozen of the custom projects listed at The source for these is available at In addition to web front ends, I also built utilities to help with development and data processing in Node and Ruby.


Chicago, IL

At Vodori I was part of a group developing Pepper (, an enterprise content management system used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. I worked with a lot of JSP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (specifically with the Dojo Toolkit and TinyMCE rich text editor), developing new features while maintaining support for browsers as old as IE6.

I started there as a design and markup guy and transitioned into the first member of the dedicated front-end team. I also became something of the go-to guy for mobile web app development, whether browser-based or bound or for Apple's app store via PhoneGap.

Wagner/Donovan Design

Chicago, IL

As a designer at Wagner/Donovan, I handled design and production of various marketing materials, identities and branding, packaging, books, and sometimes even toys for a wide range of clients. Additionally, I built websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.

Columbia College

Chicago, IL

As a student work aid, I helped manage the Art and Design department’s in-school printing facilities (several laser printers and four Epson large-format inkjets) and helped students with the graphics lab’s software and hardware.


Columbia College

Chicago, IL

Graduated with a BFA in graphic design.